New Patients

All new patients registering with the practice are asked to complete a simple questionnaire so that the doctors have some information about you immediately.

You will also be asked to make an appointment for a health check with the practice nurse. You should bring your completed questionnaire, medical card if you have one, and a urine sample to this appointment. We shall then be able to register you properly as a patient with the practice.

When you join this practice we will wish to review your medication on a regular basis. Occasionally we need to contact patients, possibly to rearrange appointments, it is very helpful if you can keep us up to date with day time contact numbers.

Practice Area

To register as a patient at Bloxham and Hook Norton Surgeries your home address must fall within our practice boundry. We have provided a map & postcode search tool to allow you to see if your address falls within our boundry before you register with us.

If your address falls near the edges of this boundry we advise that you contact the practice to confirm that you are eligable to register.

If you move please note

Patients who move out the practice area need to register with a new practice, even if the move is only to Banbury or a village outside our area.

We regret the inconvenience this causes but the resources of the practice are limited and we can only maintain a good service to patients by restricting our area in this way.